Mr Jayawardhana, Newport (Near Hull)


Mr Jayawardhana was looking for a quick install as close to 4KW as we could.


After an initial conversation with Paul a visit was arranged and the system designed. Mr Jayawardhana signed off the agreement and we installed the system as quickly as possible.


The system:

  • 16x Kyocera KD240GH-2PB 240w Panels
  • 1x Diehl 4300S Inverter
  • Schletter mounting system


Technical Stuff:


This system has a PV Output of 3.84 kWp over an active surface area of 26.50 m².


Energy Produced by PV Array (AC) = 3,301.2 kWh.


CO2 Emissions Avoided = 2,915 kg/a.

"I was very pleased with the installation; the several visits to discuss the project, the rapid response at short notice, the installation itself and service after the installation were all impressive. No hesitation in recommending this firm, far better than my negotiations with British Gas"


Mr Jayawardhana, Newport




"Thank you for your kind words Mr Jayawardhana"

Ian Gurden, General Manager CF Energy.