Domestic Tariffs

There are a range of domestic tariffs available

FIT Scheme (Feed In Tariff)

Expected return on investment 8%


Scheme Term Between 18 and 25 Years

(Dependant on product)


Available for:

Solar Electricity (P.V)

Wind Turbine

Hydro Electricity

Anaerobic Digestion

Micro combined heat and power (micro CHP limited to pilot at this stage)


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RHI Scheme (Renewable Heat Initiative)

Expected return on investment 10%


Scheme Term Between 18 and 20 Years

(Dependant on product)


Available for:

Solar Electricity (Thermal)

Heat Pumps



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Carbon Trust

The carbon trust offers 0% loans to businesses looking to undertake renewable energy projects to help reduce their energy usage.


CF Energy is registered and in a prime place to help your business reduce their energy bills/usage and also claim a free 0% loan to help towards the cost.


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How Your Home Could Help You Save

CF Energy and its advisors can help you as a business owner understand and benefit from the array of renewable energies on the market.


As a business CF Energy is not tied to one supplier or technology over another and so can be impartial with our advice and guidance.


Our advisors will work with you after undertaking an audit of your property, to build a sustainable solution for you and your business that will:


a) Help YOUR BUSINESS save money on your fuel bill


b) Help YOUR BUSINESS reduce your carbon footprint and in so doing help preserve the environment for our children


c) Help YOUR BUSINESS make a healthy return on any investment you make in renewable technology through the tariff schemes


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We could help your business become more profitable. Our schemes can be tailor made to suit your business needs.


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Is your business an eco friendly business?

join the hundreds of businesses that are and you could be earning money to!

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Finance available through Ideal4Finance Tel: 01772 671355


Ideal 4 financeClicking the image on the left will launch the Ideal4Finance online application form. You can apply for finance online or contact them directly using the telephone number provided. Ideal4Finance can help you spread the cost of your installation making it even easier to start enjoying the benefits of renewable energy.